Batiflo - flottaison pour les constructions

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Batiflo® is the first ready-made system to protect building constructions in risk-zones : floods or earthquakes measuring up to 8 on the EMS98 scale.

Its licenced process enables a building construction to float. Houses, roads, workshops or car parks can be entirely protected against floods.

They are easy to use, easy to move, durable and reliable and help to reduce the building's environmental impact.

A building construction’s floating process

Protecting a building construction, how does it work?

Batiflo secures your building while respecting the environment.

The Batiflo process is the first mobile building protection system (transportable by truck) against natural flood or seism risks. It guarantees protection of your real estate in case of flood(the building will float) and reinforces its resistance to earthquakes (the foundations will be detached from the ground and absorb part of the vibrations).

Positioned on the ground, the house, car park, workshop or road do not need any embankment nor ground coverage. Water flow will no more be interfered with, and the soil’s permeability will remain untouched. Your building will fit in its environment in a natural way, without damaging it.

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Feasible products


The building site

A floating building step by step

Constructing a floating house: step by step pictures.

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