Batiflo - flottaison pour les constructions

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Batiflo® is the first ready-made system to protect building constructions in risk-zones : floods or earthquakes measuring up to 8 on the EMS98 scale.

Its licenced process enables a building construction to float. Houses, roads, workshops or car parks can be entirely protected against floods.

They are easy to use, easy to move, durable and reliable and help to reduce the building's environmental impact.

Exemples de voiries flottantes

Le principe de la route flottante est maîtrisé depuis plusieurs décennies. Lors de la seconde guerre mondiale, plus de 115Kms de routes flottantes ont été créées pour le transports des trouppes et matériels.

Poton flottant au Canada Route flottante aux Pays-bas
On retrouve ce procédé de nos jours au Canada comme aux Pays-bas.

A building construction’s floating process

Protecting roads

Floating roads rather than viaducts

Floatting roadWhen a flood-risk area road is built on embankments, a bank has to be created in order to be above the water level in case of flood.During a flood, this change of landscape has a major impact on the hydraulic system, and increases the flood's extent in that particular area. When embankment is not an option, one frequently resorts to artwork, which often stands for huge costs.

 A hydraulic-impact free solution

In addition to its economic relevance, building a floating road enables unhindered water flow. Its construction does not interfere with the area's hydraulic system, so it is possible to cross the floods' expansion fields without affecting the area.

 Floatting road

The road is made up of 25 m long sections, that are linked by junctions.


 Each section is made up of three layers:

  • Coating
  • Concrete and iron
  • Floats
 linking bridge 

The linking bridge joins the floating road to the embankment road.

 Anti-drift systemThe road's anti-drift system is managed by central streetlights.





The linking bridge joins the floating road to the embankment road. The road's anti-drift system is managed by central streetlights.


Feasible products


The building site

A floating building step by step

Constructing a floating house: step by step pictures.

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