Batiflo - flottaison pour les constructions

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A building construction’s floating process

I'm looking for an innovating technical solution

L'innovation dans les fondationsBatiflo® is subject to an international patent deposit. Its innovation is due to the type of floats which guarantees simplicity, security, durability and mobility.

Installing the floats goes with a detailed study of the floating. This survey has been subject to a BEM ( Bureau d'Etudes de Maritimes*) certification and guarantees a building's perfect floating in the toughest heavy weather conditions.

The choosen plastic (High-density Polymer) combines hardness, lightness, handiness and durability (~400 years). Any mason will be able to install the floats in context with standard construction. The Batiflo® company provides consulting services for carrying out the final details.

The floats' dimensions have been computed to be easily transported by standard trucks or containers.

A specially designed space-saving sewage disposal system is integrated to the floats (see picture below) .

All technical barriers have been raised in order to guarantee a simple-to-use product which accomodates diversified as well as ambitious projects.

Batiflo® innovation, the prime mover

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The building site

A floating building step by step

Constructing a floating house: step by step pictures.

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