Batiflo - flottaison pour les constructions

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A building construction’s floating process

I'm selling risk zones

Promoting a risk zone is the guarantee for a true rise in value

Valoriser un terrain à risque

The real estate market has experienced a spectular boom. At the same time, citizen-protecting legislation has tightened up, putting a limit on available ground. Risk zones already stand for 7% of the high value-added zones market. Promoting a risk-zone ensures a true value-added in a win/win agreement. The seller wins by marketing revalued property, the buyer gets a building area close to an agglomeration for a reasonable price.

The Batiflo® company supports the carrying-out of your sales project by answering your questions and favouring construction on your land.


Feasible products


The building site

A floating building step by step

Constructing a floating house: step by step pictures.

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