Batiflo - flottaison pour les constructions

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A building construction’s floating process

Enhancing value of a risk zone (floods, earthquakes)

Batiflo® will increase your land's value

Fondations flottantesRisk zone legislation(earthquakes and floods) and soaring real estate prices are food for thought about the value increase of land situated near watercourses. This is one of the questions for which Batiflo® has the answer.

By eliminating flood-related risks and lowering the impact of eartquakes, Batiflo® allows to give value to the so-called risk-zones including level 4 (maximum level) zones.

As part of city planning, Batiflo® enables the creation of true flood-absorbing open spaces, which in turn secure the downstream urban zones.


Feasible products


The building site

A floating building step by step

Constructing a floating house: step by step pictures.

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